* Fredericton New Brunswick
September 5th , 9:30 PM
Fredericton Exhibition Arena

* Pictou Nova Scotia
November 20th, 7:00 PM
The deCoste Centre 
Box Office 902-485-8848
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* Halifax Nova Scotia

FRIDAY November 21st @ 8:00 PM
Rebecca Cohn Auditorium 
Box Office 902-494-3820 
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announces his successor.


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The most popular show in the history of Canadian theatre is back, the legend continues starring Tyrone Reveen!

Since 1955 The Reveen Show has been seen “Live On Stage” by 7 million people all over the world!

Since 1962 more than 6 million Canadians have bought tickets to see this show.

Created from the man that made hypnosis “hip” around the world, this show has been proclaimed by its critics as being the world’s funniest and most amazing stage show, and it certainly lives up to its reputation!

The Superconscious Experience of "Reveen" is a “family friendly” journey that takes you to the inner & outer reaches of your imagination like no other show you’ve seen before.

People from the audience become stars in the wildest - funniest show that has left millions of people crying with laughter all over the world.

If you live to be 100 you'll never see another original show of the same calibre. It is the ultimate family entertainment experience.

It's the show you will always remember, it is the show you will never forget.

It’s the show you’ll want to see again and again. Be certain you see REVEEN!

Becoming the next generation of “The Impossiblist” has been a process developed over many decades from being in the heart of the entertainment industry touring with one of the greatest minds in show business history, Ty Reveen’s father, popularly known since the 1950’s as “The Great Reveen”.

“The world’s most authoritative figure in the science of Superconscious Psychology during the 20th century was not just my father, he was my mentor, my professor, I toured with him most of my life and became his most dedicated student. This is the greatest show of its kind since the grand master himself was at the peak of his career, Prepare to be Amazed!” .....Ty Reveen